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In 2007 Jeni and Andy Westcott decided to relocate permanently from the UK to France to what was their their former Holiday home. Jeni gave up her career as an IT Manager and her long suffering husband Andy gave up working on a large arable and livestock farm in Buckinghamshire.

Their french house needed a lot of work to take it from a lovely dilpaidated summer haunt to a 4 seasons family home and it has taken over 4 years to date to get it even to it's current "nearly finished" level.





Jeni studied Art to A'level and intended taking an Art degree afterwards, but then instead stumped for a more secure Business Degree and afterwards a career in Computing. Her artistic inclinations were never far away from her thoughts, and Jeni also worked in Graphic and Web design during her career. On a personal level, she continued to fulfill her creative needs through training as a potter and sculptor in her spare time.

Clay is a fantastic medium to express yourself in, and she was instantly hooked , progressing from surface decoration to functional and sculptural forms as well. Jeni works in a full range of earthenware, porcelain and stoneware and provides commissioned tile work, original one-off porcelain and stoneware functional pieces and commissioned earthenware decorative pieces.

Jeni had worked in a number of media, acrylic, watercolour and oil at school, then some textile work and even furniture design and decoration. I have always felt a strong drive to interact in a creative way with my surroundings.

tang horse




Jeni started to paint again working in Oil Paint and Pastels as her chosen media, 3 years ago, and tends towards portraiture as her genre of choice.

The fashion for portraiture became less prevalent with the arrival of photography, but is now enjoying a revival, as people begin to realise how much more can be shown in a painting than in a photo. People, and how their faces show so much about their life, their character and their inner soul, fascinate her, and in achieving this in a portrait, Jeni can create a beautiful and moving family heirloom for you to cherish forever.


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